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Phasmophobia: How To Know Ghost Type

2020-10-12 09:49:18

We have made a Phasmophobia guide for you with the sole purpose of explaining how to Know Ghost Type, let's see.

What does it take to Know Ghost Type in Phasmophobia?

  It is necessary to consider that this can become a complicated task, however with lake help this can be a little more flexible, because knowing how to discover the type of ghost allows us to have the possibility of carrying out a number of missions which allows us to complete objectives that can simply pay us, only that these usually present some variations.

How to Know Ghost Type in Phasmophobia?

 It is necessary to consider that we require 3 points where it is possible to start this hunting test, thus presenting a total of 6 types of evidence, which it is necessary to collect and that allow us to contain evidence, since each particular ghost requires some Unique tests that they usually give us, some are clearly related to fingerprints, and some freezing temperatures, considering that if for some reason some ghost shows 5b lights on the reader it is simply a type of spectrum ghost.

 These are the 6 necessary evidences:

  •  The Phantom Orb: Just place a camera and try to click.
  • The box of spirits: It is necessary to communicate with the ghosts since through it it is possible to observe if they respond.
  • Fingerprints: they are necessary to scan objects and environments.
  • Freezing temperatures: it allows us to have the use of the thermometer to determine temperature and thus detect if it is below 0 degrees.
  • Ghost writing: It is possible to observe that they write which allows us to place a notebook in the ghost room.
  • CEM level 5: if we see these lights shining, it allows us to walk with a CEM reader determining that this is a spectrum.


 This is all you need to know about how to Know Ghost Type, as it is necessary since these can present some interesting variations in Phasmophobia.

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