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2020-10-15 12:59:17

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This article is perfect for all gamers who still don't know where to find evidence on Phasmofobia.

What is the goal of Phasmofobia testing about?

It is one of the most common objectives in the game, this specifically consists of determining the type of ghost and to do so you will have to find and collect evidence in Phasmophobia. And considering how important it is to complete the objectives that in turn will allow you to get money, then it will be very important to know where to find evidence.

Where to find evidence in Phasmofobia?

On where to find evidence in Phasmofobia, you have to know each ghost shows a set of three pieces of evidence, these pieces will help you determine the type of ghost. To find these pieces you will have to use the game equipment, each team will collect evidence and according to the evidence found, they can be compared with the evidence shown by the ghost to determine its type.

We recommend using the tools available to make it easier to find the tests.

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  • Freezing temperature.

Certain ghosts will lower the temperature so using a thermometer you will have to wait until the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius and this temperature will be your evidence.

  • Fingerprints.

In order to find these evidence, you will have to scan the room using an ultraviolet lamp or glowstick to look for fingerprints since some ghosts leave them when they touch an object.

  • Ghost Orb.

Here what you have to do is configure a camera. If you see a small floating orb on the video camera, then this is the evidence for you.

  • Ghost writing.

The ghost writing book will allow you to find evidence of the game when a ghost interacts with the book.

  • EMF Level 5.

Every time when using an EMF reader and the light reaches level 5, the EMF Level 5 will become your evidence. This element is emitted when the ghost interacts with the room or when you are using the Ouija board.

  • Spirit box.

This box will allow you to interact with ghosts and ask them questions, if this responds when you do it with the help of the box you will receive tests.

Write down the evidence that you find in the journal and when you have at least three evidence you can identify the type of ghost by matching the evidence and evidence.

 That's all you need to know about where to find proofs in Phasmofobia and now that you know, we hope that you will be able to complete all these goals quickly to get as much money as possible using this method.

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