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Our guide today aims to explain to you How to Get Hacker Keys in Pet Simulator 99.

If you want to unlock Hacker Chest in the latest Pet Simulator 99 update, you need to find Hacker Keys. Unfortunately, the game does not provide their exact locations, but I have described all the places where they can be found.

How to Get Hacker Keys in Pet Simulator 99?

Fortunately, Hacker Keys can be found in any biome in Pet Simulator 99, but their spawn location is not fixed, unlike Shiny Relics. As a result, you will have to find them randomly during the game. However, the best place to find these keys is Hacker World, as the spawn rate in this area has increased.

If you want to collect Hacker Keys like a veteran, there are two easy methods I can try. If you are a passive player, go to the Hacker Server and use the settings below to get the Hacker Key.


  • Lowering the Flag
  • Source
  • An Absolute Pet Wave

Equip Enchantments:

  • Big Magnet
  • Perfect Chess Simulation
  • Hacker Key Hunter
  • Criticize
  • Speed ​​II
  • Books on Treasure Hunters
  • Small Lucky Chest

If some books are too expensive, scale them down to what you can afford and try other gadgets. The second method is for active players who want to get in on the double key hacking action. For this method, follow the regional waves known as “Double Hacker Lock” and use the following loadout:


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  • Big Magnet
  • Hacker Key Hunter
  • Speed ​​Treasure Hunter II
  • Criticize


  • Big Rooster
  • Sensory Blast
  • Super Lightning

If you’re playing on PC, I recommend pressing the right arrow key to rotate the screen and use auto-control to break as many objects as possible. And don’t forget to use TNT on unstable areas to get more keys.

What is Hacker Key Used For in Pet Simulator 99?

As mentioned above, Hacker Keys are used to unlock Hacker Chests. These chests give you the chance to get huge pets like Hacker Axolotl and Hacker Enchant. However, in my efforts I acquired more common keys and books. So don't be surprised if you don't find a rare animal in the first chest.

This is all you need to know about getting Hacker Keys in Pet Simulator 99, follow our steps in detail and you're good to go.

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