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Our guide today aims to explain to you How To Get Huge Hacker Axolotl In Pet Simulator 99.

Attention Pet Simulator 99 players! The new HUGE Hacker Axolotl pet is sweeping the game, and everyone wants it. If you're wondering how to get your hands on one of these coveted creatures, look no further! We bring you a complete guide with all the available methods

How To Get Huge Hacker Axolotl In Pet Simulator 99?

Open Hacker Chests

The most common way to get a HUGE Hacker Axolotl is by opening Hacker Chests. To do this, you need Hacker Keys, which you can get in several ways:

  • Completing missions in Hacker World.
  • Defeating enemies in Hacker World.
  • Trading with other players in the Trading Plaza.
  • Buying them in the Exclusive Store with Robux.

Once you have enough keys, head to the Hacker Chest Machine and open them in hopes of finding your HUGE Hacker Axolotl.

Buy from the Exclusive Shop

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From time to time, the HUGE Hacker Axolotl is offered for sale in the Exclusive Shop as part of the Hacker Pack. This pack usually includes other valuable pets and items, but comes with a high price tag in Robux.

Trade with other players

If you're lucky, you may find a player willing to trade their HUGE Hacker Axolotl for other pets or Robux. Make sure to use the Trading Plaza safely and agree on a fair deal before making any trades.

Drop Odds

Keep in mind that the odds of getting a HUGE Hacker Axolotl are quite low, both from chests and from the shop. It's considered an extremely rare pet, so patience and luck will be your best allies.

Pet Value

The value of the HUGE Hacker Axolotl in Pet Simulator 99 fluctuates based on demand and supply. In the Trading Plaza, its price can vary considerably depending on market conditions.


  • Join an active Pet Simulator 99 group: Sharing information with other players and collaborating to obtain keys or pets can increase your chances of getting the HUGE Hacker Axolotl.
  • Take advantage of events and contests: The developers of Pet Simulator 99 often hold events and contests where you can win rare pets like the HUGE Hacker Axolotl.

This is all you need to know about Getting Huge Hacker Axolotl In Pet Simulator 99, follow our steps carefully and you will easily achieve it.

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