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Angel Marquez
2021-04-08 19:57:58

More about: Oddworld Soulstorm

Discover How to get all the areas and royal jellies in The Raid on Monsiac to achieve Oddworld Soulstorm advancement.

What to know about Oddworld Soulstorm?

There is the option to carry out some secondary missions that are presented in each of the levels, with which we can add in order to reach the maximum trophy of the game, considering that between the levels there are different changes with the badges, it only remains to know How to get all the areas and royal jellies in The Raid on Monsiac and it is what will be explained in this guide below.
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How to get all areas and royal jellies in The Raid on Monsiac in Oddworld Soulstorm?

Within the secret areas we have to find all the royal jellies or through normal progress in Oddworld Soulstorm, our best option is to consider the different locations that allow us to solve How to obtain all the areas and royal jellies in The Raid on Monsaic, which are presented below.


  •  The first: when we go down to the upper area we will notice a green viscous substance that will turn out to be beer bottles, to unlock this secret area we have to find the royal jelly under a ledge, and we collect it.
  • The second: once we have climbed to the first pulley, we will notice the shine that a royal jelly has, to reach it, it is necessary that we jump to the left to see to go to the right as is normally indicated, which allows us to unblock the place.
  • The third: when we continue our journey we are going to run into another pulley to get to the top, before that we must look to the right to reach the secret area, where it is required to search for royal jelly when running across the bridge that is on top, you have to be careful not to lose it.
  • The fourth: near the end of this level we will arrive with a barrier that requires an explosion with the help of beer bottles, but before that we will go up the platform, and then we will jump to another that is located to the right to find the last of the secret areas, only royal jelly is not available in this one.

 We hope that the information here detailed on How to get all the areas and royal jellies in The Raid on Monsiac, has been useful for your progress and fun in Oddworld Soulstorm.

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