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No Man's Sky offers us more things to do and in this order of ideas we tell you how to use the camouflage device.

What is the cloaking device in No Man's Sky?

This is nothing more than a new piece of equipment that has been incorporated into this game and that becomes part of the necessary arsenal to defend ourselves, so knowing how to use the camouflage device is shown as a fundamental task that is usually favorable for us to escape. of the sentinel drones that are part of the artifacts that can harm us.

How to get the cloaking device crafting the cloaking device in No Man's Sky?

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This camouflage is usually shown as a kind of device that allows us to hide and usually works as a kind of tool that usually offers a quick and brief recharge of technology, to find this device it is necessary to have played a lot and get to the Space Anomaly, of So it becomes necessary to take care of getting the plan of the "Acquisition Device", only that it is obtained from the multi-tool merchant and has a cost of 80 Nanita.

Once we have the plan, it is necessary to take care of building it, and after that if we enter our question about how to use the camouflage device in No Man's Sky, for which we require:


  •  2 Sun Mirrors – These can be crafted for 40 Gold, 30 Silver, and 25 Metal, or purchased.
  • 3 Ion Batteries – These can be crafted with 10 Cobalt and 5 Ferrite Powders or can be purchased.
  • 1 Wired Loom – This can be purchased at the nearest commercial terminal.


 With the resources in our possession, it is necessary to complete the construction and for this it is necessary to take care of opening our Multitool and proceed to install it in a new slot that is usually empty in the inventory.

How to use the cloaking device in No Man's Sky

It becomes necessary to take care of activating it and for this we will incorporate the device into our Multitool armament as an Alt use, it can be activated quickly just by pressing the button on the consoles so that it can provide us with around 10 seconds of concealment, however, it is good Keep in mind that it usually requires life support energy, but this does not really make much of a difference, this is because it allows us to get our money's worth without having to worry so much about our health.

It should be noted that when using the device some weapon is deactivated; however, with the amount of time that this device usually gives us, we get enough to be able to get away from a sentinel and go for the rotating bullet or, alternatively, take care of opening a door of a guarded research facility.

This device is usually favorable to us when we meet an enemy on our travels or simply to provide the fall of our enemies.

 We have finished this guide on how to use the cloaking device, so that it is only necessary to take care of obtaining or manufacturing the device in No Man's Sky

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