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For you who must be wondering how to sew in Stardew Valley, we prepared this guide to teach you how to do it.

What is the sewing skill in Stardew Valley for?

Without a doubt, one of the things that players have fallen in love with the most with this title is how incredibly comprehensive it is, and that is that with so many activities available from the beginning, there are many things that players can do. One of these activities is clothing customization, said activity arrived in the middle of the game's life cycle, along with update 1.4, as well as the skill of things that we will teach you to use today.

How to sew on Stardew Valley? - Get fabric

On how to sew in Stardew Valley, we have divided the process into several parts to make it easier to understand, keep in mind that it is a bit long, and it is best to avoid getting lost.

Let's start by saying that in order to obtain cloth, you will need to find sheep or rabbits, for this it will be necessary to build a luxury barn or a luxury cooperative respectively. These are the final upgrades for the buildings, so you will need a good amount of resources, as well as several days of play to obtain them.

Initially it will be necessary to obtain the standard version of the cooperative or barn, the standard version of the latter is priced at 6,000 gold, 350 wood and 150 stone. While the large barn is priced at 12,000 gold, 450 wood and 200 stone. On the other side is the luxury barn, for which you will need 25,000 gold, 550 wood and 300 stone.
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    Once you have achieved the barn or the luxury cooperative, the next thing you have to do is buy a sheep or a rabbit, to obtain wool. Keep in mind that rabbits will produce wool every 4 days and a rabbit's foot now and then, while sheep will produce wool depending on their happiness, which equates to between one and three days.

    But for sheep, you will need scissors to be able to shear them. Unlike rabbits that will leave wool around the hen house.

    When you have the necessary wool, you will have to use a loom to turn it into fabric. To make these tools you will need to position yourself at cultivation level 7, but you will also need 60 woods, 30 fibers and 1 unit of pine tar, which you can obtain from the pines with an extractor. While maple syrup is thus obtained from maple trees.

    How to sew on Stardew Valley? - Sewing machine

    When you have the cloth, you will have to leave the farm the next day between 6am and 11am in order to find Emily, as of update 1.5

    Emily will give you the news that you can use the sewing machine at home. To be able to use it you will have to interact with it and introduce a unit of cloth and another item, and you will be able to choose between a lot of stones to make

    How to sew on Stardew Valley? - Dye your clothes

    When you unlock the machine, you will also have access to various colored dye cans. To use it you will have to place the dye bottle next to the machine and when you start sewing, the garment will take the color of the dye bottle, as long as it can be dyed.

    If you want to die an individual item you will have to introduce it where the fabric goes, select the color and that's it, which will allow you to saturate the color if you repeat several times.

    If you have a prismatic shard or a rainbow shell this way, you will be able to access a color slider similar to the use of dye cans.

     That is all you need to know about how to sew in Stardew Valley, as you may have noticed, despite being a certain lake process, it is not complicated at all. So we hope you can get the most out of this tool.

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