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Nioh 2: How To Beat Saika Magoichi

2020-03-18 17:05:17

In Nioh 2 we have several bosses that we must defeat, so come with me to discover exactly how to beat Saika Magoichi

Who is Saika Magoichi in Nioh 2?

While we are traveling through this game, we are offered the possibility of getting some strong enemies, and precisely Saika Magioichi is a boss that we will have to beat, since he is a fairly strong human with whom we get, because he involves us in a whole rather strong challenge that we must overcome, even more complex for being human.

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    How to beat Saika Magoichi in Nioh 2?

    This is an enemy formidable and complex enough to defeat him since this boss has the ability to fly, which is why it is necessary to protect ourselves avoiding taking significant damage, since he usually lands very little, but it is precisely at this moment that we are offered the possibility of attacking him generating some amount of blows.

    One of the options that we simply cannot use is to place ourselves in the open field, because our enemy is in charge of firing projectiles at us, it also has melee attacks allowing us to fire once, and thus cover ourselves behind the pillars in order to avoid in any way possible to suffer some kind of damage.

    It should be noted that every minimum moment that this boss can get himself on the ground, is simply vital to attack him, looking for the best alternative while running because at that moment he cannot defend himself, after giving him some blows we must go back again and hide in the pillars.

    Trusting us is the worst thing we can do while fighting this boss, because in the slightest carelessness we have, he can take advantage of it to cause an attack of fireballs that are quite deadly and the pillars are of no use to us, as they are elements that are usually obtained in nature, therefore we must do everything possible to avoid them and this involves moving at a 45-degree angle to the other side of the sand until this attack simply ends.

    Another of the elements necessary to know how to beat Saika Magoichi is to know that she can launch the bombs, we must take care of them, since they usually generate some splashes that we can block well by covering ourselves, it is also essential to keep in mind that as soon as we get this boss the fight becomes strong, because we will get it a couple of times, only the last time will be in the Third Word, using the same strategy of blows and pillars to hide, only this time we will have a rock instead of pillars.

    Finally it is necessary to have all the prudence and cause as much damage as possible in Nioh 2 because these bosses are usually quite strong, or at least we could see that while we solved this guide about How to beat Saika Magoichi

    PlayStation 4 PS4
    Action role-playing
    Team Ninja
    Koei Tecm, Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Release date:
    March 13, 2020
    Single-player, multiplayer
    age rating (PEGI):

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