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Nioh 2: How to beat an Enki

2020-03-16 11:09:24

The objective of this Nioh 2 guide is to explain how to beat an Enki in a concrete and detailed way.

What should we keep in mind about the Enki in Nioh 2?

In Nioh 2 we will have to face Enki, this enemy is a habitual one but with the same status as that of a boss, he has complex movements and special abilities, which will lead us to understand how to beat an Enki and for this we have This explanatory guide, because it will be an uncomfortable enemy in the terrain that will be surrounding us in this battle, if we want to know what to do, let's see what the following content brings us.
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    How to beat an Enki in Nioh 2?

    Being able to dodge the Enki will be the key to this battle, it has to be fast and keep us in perfect range, it has a lot of power in its punches, when we ran into it the first time, we must seek to dodge the attacks, these will be fine telegraphed, due to his long spear to hit or kick, having time to dodge to the right, his attacks will go from the high right to the low left, we must always be in that security zone and take advantage of the gaps to attack him, Being very close to this is not recommended, otherwise the reading of your attacks will be difficult, moving too far will not be the right thing, we have to be in a suitable range to carry out the counterattack to your attacks, at the moment that it begins to shine in red, we have to do the Burst Counter, if we fall behind on this, the Enki goes to heaven, it is possible that it will crash against us, the mid range will be ideal, with the explosion counter and The damage is considerable and so we will have some advantage to cause more damage, we hit, dodge and circle, timing our Ki to supply our resistance.

    When facing the Enki we must consider an attack, the balance he will make in the air and throw his spear at us, noticing that it takes off from the ground, we must block instantly, this attack being quite aggressive and the blockade will be our only opportunity, to defeat it We will gain the core of Enki's soul, with this we will be able to enter a Yokai skill, the Dance of the Monkey.

    I finish this guide on How to beat an Enki in Nioh 2, resulting in the guidelines to follow to advance in this excellent game and have fun at the same time.

    PlayStation 4 PS4
    Action role-playing
    Team Ninja
    Koei Tecm, Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Release date:
    March 13, 2020
    Single-player, multiplayer
    age rating (PEGI):

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