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Today we are going to talk to you about where to find the frozen caverns, some interesting paths that can only be found in Nexomon Extinction.

What does Nexomon Extinction bring us?

  This is a game where we come across the fantastic idea of catching and taming some interesting creatures, in addition to having some phenomenal areas, this game has a certain resemblance to Pokemon only that it is a bit more complex, however it is still interesting , because it allows us to know where to find the frozen caverns, a space to which it is necessary to access being precisely one of the places that we were able to observe when we started this game.
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    Where to find the frozen caverns in Nexomon Extinction?

     This could be considered a puzzle, as it is a task that takes us through some icy paths, the idea is to manage to sneak along the right side of the path to get to a crack in the first icy cavern, then we continue sliding through the ice a little to the left along the wall until we are able to be held by a spear and from there access some stairs, then we go to the next cavern that is on the south side, it is only necessary to access the room in this way:


    •  We start by stepping and sliding down from a piece of ice that is located relatively close to the wall.
    • Then we can get to a stop with a rock which can allow us to slide down the right side.
    • Then we will have the option of colliding with some ice spears which can allow us to slide up until we reach the purple rocks.
    • Then we move a little to the left and proceed to descend only that we will be stopped by a rock and an ice pole.
    • We continue moving on the left side to get to the bottom corner and thus get to slide up.
    • We continue our march and we find another ice pole that could lead us to the right, where we will obviously go.
    • Then we get other rocks that can trap us so we will choose to move down.
    • Then we proceed to slide a little on the right side to go back up once more.
    • Finally, we will move on the right side in order to get free, since these caves are definitely a puzzle.

     This is all we know about where to find the frozen caverns, as it is simply a necessary challenge that we can perform in Nexomon Extinction.

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    Aug 28, 2020
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