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Entertainment at Terraria has its place, let's discover How to play golf

The most recent update of Terraria has allowed us to obtain many more interesting activities, to the point that we can count on the possibility of playing golf, but that is not all because we are offered the phenomenal opportunity to even be able to bring some friends with him. In order to form a team, keep reading to see how playing golf can have fun at Terraria.

What are the elements necessary to play golf at Terraria?

Before knowing how to play golf it is necessary to take into account that it is necessary to have some implements, because some are more useful than others but in the same way they are necessary or better worth considering having them, it is possible that you buy them from some NPCs.
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    The implements are:

    • Golf sticks
    • Balls
    • An iron.
    • A tee.
    • A cup of golf.
    • A golf whistle.
    • A cup of golf.
    • A lawn mower.
    • A golf cart.
    • Date signs.
    • Some paintings.
    • Some trophies.

    How to play golf at Terraria?

    Playing golf should not be very complex and it is part of the entertainment that we can get here, firstly it is necessary to place the tee in front of us, this allows us to place the ball on top, since it is removed from the ground it allows us to execute a better shot with our golf club, getting it to go far enough.

    Now, it is necessary to take into account that in golf there are 4 different clubs and they work as follows:

    • The Driver: The club we are likely to use first and this is because it is excellent for hitting the ball from a long distance.
    • El Hierro: this is an ideal stick for medium lengths and on all lines.
    • The Wedge: this stick has a specific functionality and is to remove a ball that has been lost caught.
    • The putter: this golf club must be given its corresponding use when we are at short distances.

    When we start and place the stick on the ball we can observe our camera moving in the direction the ball is going, the date will be pointing to a place where it falls for the sea, easy to get it, focusing from the first blow to place it near the golf cup, if it manages to fall inside we will get points, the ideal in this sense is to get low points, since each hit we give to the ball is a point that we get, and this game, unlike the others, whoever has less wins points, always our friends fighting to get the lowest score so we must fight to be competitive in Terraria.

    How to level up while playing golf at Terraria?

    Now that we have knowledge about How to play golf, it is a time to know how to level up this, due to our objective it should always be to reach the first place, but for this, it is only enough to use the golf equipment, to make our character improve It will depend on the amount you play, and by leveling up it is possible to obtain some additional objects that we can get by talking to some NPC, so in reality it will only be up to us to know How to play golf can be easy or complex, in particular it is simple and it's just a matter of practice, spend some time on it.

    Now that you know how to play golf it is a time to team up with our friends and enjoy a lot of everything Terraria has to offer.

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