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Find out how to beat Crater Ouroboros in this excellent and explanatory Solar Ash guide.

What to know about the Crater Ouroboros in Solar Ash?

He is one of the bosses that we are going to face throughout the game, it is important that we are prepared for these fights because we will be testing our abilities, this is the first confrontation of this type so it is ideal to know how to beat the Crater Ouroboros and in the next content will be the details, let's see.

How to beat Crater Ouroboros in Solar Ash?

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    In the center of the severe area surrounded by the starseed, we must focus on its tail, so we will skate until we are very close to reach the grip part at the tip, the use of the temporary gliding ability is ideal to add range With our hook, when we reach it we can hit the weak points in a row, certainly the remnants are marked as massive anomalies, the next thing we will do is maintain our momentum to hit the thrusters and if we must quickly reach the use of the thrusters It is necessary, while the landslide helps us to reach a weak point that we must grasp, we must repeat the same for about 3 times to defeat the Crater Ouroboros, considering that the trace of the weak points will vary on each occasion, for the stage 2 of the same we will see the platforms scattered a little more, which will require more jumps or we will be slowed down and for the final stage we will see that The flesh of the remnant will burn, in case of failing a jump we will lose and we will have to start the stage again.

     This is how we finish our guide on how to beat Crater Ouroboros, hoping that you can get the best out of Solar Ash, a very busy game.

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