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Rockstar Games talks about the future of Red Dead Online

2018-12-04 20:23:22

The developer of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games anticipates what their next plans for Red Dead Online are.

The Red Dead Online beta started a week ago for users of the new Rockstar Games on PS4 and Xbox One, resulting in a success.

Rockstar Games announces its upcoming plans for Red Dead Online in gratitude to all players in the following section, "Thanks to everyone who has participated in the beta to date. We appreciate your help when it comes to testing the game! The comments we are receiving these days will be very important to touch up all aspects of the experience.The areas we are currently focusing on include the economy of the game, which we have to keep balancing so that all activities are properly fun and satisfactory, as well as several persistent errors that cause some players to be expelled from the sessions. " adding that "The game has been developed so that we can make these kind of adjustments quickly, and we plan to start publishing updates this weekend, and more next week." The comments from the community have been invaluable and we will continue reporting as soon as possible. There's more news, we hope you keep playing and enjoying the game. " Defining the most immediate future of Red Dead Online.