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Minecraft is a very entertaining game and for those users who do not know how to make glazed terracotta, we have prepared this guide to teach you.

What is Minecraft Glazed Terracotta?

It is one of the many blocks that you can find in the game, this being a solid block that has 16 variants of different colors of regular tints.

How to make glazed terracotta in Minecraft?

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    To make this block you will have to place any type of dyed terracotta inside an oven, but first you will have to make normal terracotta using clay blocks and throwing them into an oven. You can find clay at the bottom of lakes, rivers and in the ocean, you can quickly remove it using a shovel. And if the shovel is enchanted with fortune, the better because you can get more clay, in case you prefer to get the whole block, you will have to enchant the pick with a touch of silk.

    You can also make the clay block by bringing the clay balls to a workbench and placing them in stacks of four.

    To obtain terracotta, what you must do is melt the clay blocks in an oven> already with the terracotta, you will have to take it to a craft table with a dye> place the dye you want inside the table and when you have the Stained terracotta, you can place it inside an oven to make a glazed terracotta block.

     That's all you have to know about how to make glazed terra cotta in Minecraft and now that you know how easy it is, we hope you will manage to get all the glazed terra cotta colors you want and can use it to build whatever comes to mind.

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