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Minecraft never ceases to amaze us and for this reason, today we will tell you how to make a cleric villager.

What does it mean to make a cleric villager in Minecraft?

Give a profession to a villager who may be unemployed, this taking into account that we can interact with the villagers, trade, create, explore and more, to the point of being able to give him a particular occupation, this type of cleric profession is part of the news, and we are going to talk to you about this today.

How to make a cleric villager in Minecraft?

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    Giving this profession to a villager requires placing a brewing station next to a common villager, first we must create the position and for this we must have:
    • 3 pavers.
    • 1 stick of fire.

    It is necessary to place the resources on a work table to make the brewing station, then we must go to a town to get villagers and place this brewing station near it, by doing so we manage to turn the villager into a cleric, this allows us to be able to trade with him, unemployed villagers are not usually good for trading, even when the villager starts as a rookie, it is possible to level him up as we progress in the game.

    Now that you know how to make a cleric villager, it's time to gather the necessary materials and thereby give an unemployed a profession in Minecraft.

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