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Minecraft: How to install Minecraft Forge

2019-10-14 10:06:28

Surely you are one of the players who like to experience every game and you are looking to know How to install Forge in Minecraft, you have this guide.

If you're looking for how to installForge and manage the modifications we'll make sure it's quite easy, as soon as you start you'll have a specific place in the game for you to track your modifications. It is important to know that the modifications for this game are many, so at the time of making the modifications will be quite overwhelming because of the large volume of options, you should know that Minecraft Forge only works until now for JavaEdition.

How to installForge on Minecraft?

If you want to know How to install Forge follow the instructions, first you must download Minecraft Forge from the official website, before clicking on the download button check the version, you will see the list of versions on the left side of the screen, then you must open the downloaded file, choose install client and press accept.

You must open the game initiator and you will be able to make the changes of profile to forge, once the game is loaded you will see a menu called Mods, you can access this folder and in it you will be able to make the installations of all the favorite complements of this game.

As you can notice the way How to install Forge is quite easy, we hope that our Minecraft guide has been very helpful to you, as always thank you for always being with us.

Windows, macOS, Linux
Sandbox, survival
Mojang, Microsoft Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment
Release date:
18 November 2011

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