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Knowing how to solve lags and crashes is simply part of the bugs to be solved in Microsoft Flight Simulator

What is Microsoft Flight Simulator?

This is nothing more than a video game based on the simulation of domestic civil aviation, this game has previously had other installments, however, it is necessary to know how to fix Lags and crashes based on the fact that as all new there are some bugs, Microsoft Flight Simulator is only available for Windows and this time it has some interesting improvements.

It is possible to consider the memory and the disk, because on some occasions they may be spending more than usual and that can lead to some drawbacks, the mere possibility of having a high disk use can cause us to get this failure, so It is possible to take a look at it, as it does not hurt and could be a way to answer our problem on How to fix Lags and blockages, however, if we do not see light yet, it is possible to go for one of these solutions that we present below .
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    How to fix lags and crashes in Microsoft Flight Simulator?


     There are some interesting solutions and we are going to detail them below.


     Turn off full screen optimization and high DPI in Windows 10.


     Normally the Windows 10 configuration brings the high DPI and the full screen, although it is true this could be very favorable for some things, specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator it is not, so we must disable it and this is done in this way


    •  We locate where we have installed the game.
    • Then we proceed to locate the game's .exe file.
    • We proceed to click with the right button of the mouse to view Properties and this allows us to reach the Compatibility Tab.
    • Next we mark the Disable full screen optimizations tab.
    • Next we click on the Change high DPI settings button.
    • We proceed to mark Override high DPI scaling behavior.
    • Then we select Application in the drop-down menu.
    • We save the configuration and that's it.


     Disable game mode

     The game bar is an element that is usually known to cause us some inconveniences, therefore turning it off is an option that we can make, anyway this will not reflect damage in anything and it will allow us to enjoy Microsoft Flight Simulator, even when Windows state that the game mode is for optimal results and this is done as follows:


    •  We click on Start and from there to Settings.
    • Then we go to Games.
    • In the bar we turn off Record game clips, screenshots and transmit using the game bar.
    • Then it is necessary to go to the Captures tab to set Record the background while playing by placing it on Off.
    • Finally we click on the Game Mode tab and we turn it off.


     How to disable discord overlay?


     Knowing how to fix Lags and crashes simply leads us to look for as many answers as possible and feasible, specifically disabling the discord overlay is one of those alternatives that can be executed, although it is not something that we may need, it is always good to be aware since It is usually known for getting some glitches particularly related to FPS and this is done in this way:


     It is necessary to disable hardware acceleration in discord and this means that it is necessary to open it, once done we must click on User Configuration and then on Appearance, then we click on the hardware acceleration radio to turn it off and thus disable the overlay . On the other hand, disabling the overlay in the game requires having open discord, this means that it will be necessary to go to the Overlay in the Settings of the application to proceed to click on Activate overlay in the game and that this simply turns it off.


     Configure game settings.

     Sometimes it is necessary to make some necessary adjustments since if we do not do it, it is highly likely that we will have some bugs that can generate problems, implying that knowing how to fix Lags and crashes are simply quite annoying matters, for this it is necessary to take a look at the shadows bass and textures to aid in the development of Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Fix Microsoft Flight Simulator crash problem.

     The possibility that the servers may be overloaded is simply an option since it is not a secret for anyone the possibility that there are a number of users interested in accessing this game, which leads us to seek an answer to the question about How to solve delays and crashes, which implies having the possibility of restarting the game, this being an option to get rid of the failure.



    Getting the game to be a priority.

     This might not be a novelty but it may work for us because the games mostly depend on the CPU and for this it is necessary


    Update Windows.

     This is necessary since some games require the most recent updates to the operating system, as some previous updates had the possibility of using more RAM than normal, so it is necessary to access the most recent version.

    This is all we know so far about how to fix lags and crashes, because it is simply necessary to have as many ways as possible to play Microsoft Flight Simulator

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    August 18, 2020

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