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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-08-24 16:29:28

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Do you like conspiracy theories ?, This article is perfect for you, because today we will tell you where to find Area 51 in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

What is Area 51 in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

If you are here it is because you probably already know what Area this is, but also in case you do not know, it is a secret military base located in the heart of the Nevada desert in the United States, it is both a training center and an airport and it is known worldwide for an alleged association with aliens, UFOs and other secret investigations related to outer space.

Now that the flight simulation title developed by Microsoft has been released, it is possible to visit this mysterious place among so many locations that the game has. For this reason, today we will tell you where to find Area 51.

Where to find Area 51 in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

To find this site you will have to fly in the direction of the great open desert north of Las Vegas, it is called Nellis Air Force Range and although it cannot be flown in real life since the airspace above is restricted, but a landing path which is not for civilians or for most military aircraft if you want.
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However, despite being a restricted area in real life, if you fly over the base in the game there will be no military response, it was even cleared to land there.

Unfortunately for lovers of conspiracy theories, there are no aliens in the place, in fact there is nothing really surprising about the site, what there is is a very long airstrip, some vehicles and planes parked around the buildings and rows of buildings with white roofs, there are very few people and little else. So it is just another airport, so it is not much worth visiting.

That's all you have to know about where to find Area 51 in Microsoft Flight Simulator, we hope our article has been as useful as possible for you and you have managed to find this area quickly, despite how boring the place is, at least you can Say you somehow visited Area 51.

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August 18, 2020

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