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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-08-19 16:46:22

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Guide to learn how to change airplane layout in Microsoft Flight Simulator

  Being a simulation game it may be in your wishes to give a new design to the plane you are piloting, and travel with that style in the virtual reality game, in this guide we will teach you everything you need to know to achieve that unique style that you want to give to your favorite ship.
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How to change the layout of the plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

The truth is that design changes cannot be carried out at the beginning. His complete long-term plan on how liveries, skins, color packs, among other sorts of options in the game will be implemented is not entirely clear.

Even so in the next updates they are adding a free livery pack titled “Aviators Club” will be available from August 19 to September 30 for those who are interested in picking it up and adding it to their collection.

Once you have an aircraft livery that you can switch to, you can do so by clicking on Aircraft Selection on the Microsoft Flight Simulator world map and then selecting Livery from there.

If you have liveries available they will be there and you can equip them to give your aircraft a new color or look.

 With all this said about How to change the design of the plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator you can have the best style that suits you and the ship that will fly through the skies. Don't forget to order the package!

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August 18, 2020

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