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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-19 16:13:37

More about: Microsoft Flight Simulator

Failures are just normal and Microsoft Flight Simulator has not been saved, let's see How to fix a download error

What is Microsoft Flight Simulator?

This is nothing more than a video game based on Domestic Civil Aviation and that has previously presented some installments, that is, it is not a super novelty, however, it has some interesting characteristics that make us want to have it, thereby implying the need for know How to fix a download error is a super content manager.

Knowing how to correct a download error allows us to know that some interesting details such as the idea that this is before the opportunity to have 2 Petabytes (2000 TB) of data that is ready to be transmitted to everyone, but this is not there, then Although it is true to install Microsoft Flight Simulator it does not really take up more space, it is ideal to have at least 150 GB, where we can enjoy a virtual filthy flight experience.

As every new video game has some drawbacks, it is highly likely that there are obstacles, it is part of reality, since some users have already complained of stuck or slow downloads when starting the game, which turns out to be complicated because this simply leaves them without the possibility of being able to play and this if it ends up being frustrating, so we are going to leave you some useful solutions about how to correct a download error, hoping that they can serve you and get you out of this problem soon.
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How to fix a download error in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

 Fix slow downloads.

 Some users have had serious problems with the issue of slow downloads, and Microsoft has directly published these steps that can help you:

  • Press Windows R and type Command in the search bar.
  • Find the command prompt and proceed to select Run as administrator.
  • Then write Netsh int tcp set global autouninglevel = normal.
  • Press enter
  • Finally restart the Microsoft Flight Simulator to continue with the download.


 Restart MFS.

 An interesting option that has been useful for many when it comes to knowing how to correct a download error simply focuses on restarting the title, that is, closing and opening the program, because obviously progress will be lost but it can open the door to a complete and perfect download to get back to normal.


 Make modifications to the installation path

 Sometimes it is necessary to install Microsoft Flight Simulator on an alternate hard disk, which implies that if you have a secondary disk, it is possible to carry out the download there, you can choose to download it where you consider it is most comfortable and useful for you, since it is not a demanding game in terms of location.

Leave the game full screen.

 It is advisable to let it download in full screen, as this is merely for the purpose of the PC doing the entire installation process directly, since minimizing the screen causes the download to crash or simply become much slower.


Solve falls along the way.

 Knowing how to correct a download error is simply a necessary task, as it is possible to find some inconveniences that can stall us, before starting the download process it is necessary to temporarily disable antivirus or firewall, as these generally prevent downloading Microsoft Flight Simulator, however they exist who have specifically reported drops of 3.68 GB, although for some installing the game does not seem to have any inconvenience, it is highly probable that later on these obstacles may be reflected, this is a delicate matter since there is no solution for this jam in 3 , 68 GB so it is recommended to restart the download to be sure not to waste time.


Reinstall MFS

 This is really not the most recommended, and is particularly because it could lead to other problems later, however it can solve the failure and could be a solution to get us out of this jam, and after all wait for the long-awaited day to finally arrive. of the launch as many are eager to have Microsoft Flight Simulator.

 This is all we can tell you about how to correct a download error, because you will only have to check one of the solutions shown to see which one can serve you in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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