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2020-08-19 11:02:08

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We invite you to discover How to level the plane, a new task in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

What to know about leveling the plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Being necessary to fly in a straight line effectively, it is necessary that we manage to level the plane, in some situations we will be before a lack of control that forces us to go up and down, which makes us understand lack of stability, according to our leveling control scheme we will to be able to change in order to solve How to level the plane, to have more details of this important adjustment we have the next content of this guide that will be presented, let's see what we find.
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How to level the plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

With the Y button on our Xbox we can make the adjustment up or down with the d-pad, if we notice that the plane is automatically moving upwards we have to press the Y up on the d-pad and thus we will achieve that the plane reaches the proper balance and in the event that the direction of this sea goes downwards we will do the same but on the contrary instead of going with the d-pad upwards we will go downwards.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to level the plane has been useful to have fun in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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