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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-26 14:59:42

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It is definitely necessary to know how to refuel a plane because this does not work pure and here we will tell you about it in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Is it possible to refuel the plane automatically in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

  This is an option that we must do ourselves, as there are some flights that may become a little shorter which simply requires that we have to seek to refuel, perhaps because they only last one hour, since the route can probably be carried out in two or three stages which makes it necessary to get off and refuel to continue, this can particularly occur in mountain races, being precisely the ideal ones to start an extra fantastic flight experience.
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How to refuel a plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

It is necessary to get the fuel truck to approach and for this it is necessary to press Shift F, of course obviously she will not enter the runway, this can be done by calling the control tower to request the order, this is generally feasible when we are in a large airport, however, there is a possibility that this could become a bit more complex since everything seems not to be very visible the fuel window that appears in the bush races, since there are opportunities where the truck passes and to You have to wait a while for him to come back, so that it is probably time to explore another alternative, since there could be a stationary fuel tank at the airport although this does not seem to be entirely true and things get more complicated in some occasions.

 Not everything is so bad when it comes to knowing how to refuel an airplane, since it is possible to have some simple elements such as the keyboard that can help us to achieve some difficulty settings such as:


  •  It is necessary to press Scape since this allows us to open the pause menu.
  • Then you need to navigate to the controls.
  • Next you need to look at the left side of the screen.
  • It is possible to observe the keyboard lock commands.
  • We notice that the filter specifically says Assigned and we proceed to change it to All.
  • We continue to move down to locate Repair and refuel.
  • As soon as we have a key assigned we return to the game again by pressing that button to get it to fill up with fuel.


 Knowing how to refuel an aircraft may be easier than we think, but this process is not possible to carry out on the runway, because it is better to get out and do it with some naturalness, based on an interesting reality to the point that when we return to you need fuel and we don't have to go through so much work.

 In general terms, knowing how to refuel an airplane is simply a necessary and not complicated task, as it is the most normal since an airplane does not work alone and without fuel in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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August 18, 2020

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