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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-08-19 15:40:27

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Guide to learn how to change the Tail number and call sign of your flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator

  Being a game that tries to simulate an airplane flight, you must bear in mind that you will also need to interact with Air Traffic Control, and this communication will require you to have a call sign and a tail number for your plane. In this guide, we will explain how to change these details and more in this flight game.
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Change the Tail number and call sign of your flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

change Tail number

First we will focus on the Tail number, to change it you must first go to the World Map screen and then click on the "Aircraft Selection" option. Go to "ATC Options" and choose the "Tail number" option.

Not only can you change the Tail number itself, but you can also toggle the option to display the Tail number on the plane or not whenever you want from this settings menu.

Change call sign

In the case of the call sign, you need to do an action similar to the "Select aircraft" Tail number on the world map. From here select "ATC Options" and choose the "Call Sign" option.

You can add "Heavy" to your call sign if you are flying a wide-body airliner just to help them adjust to takeoff and landing at airports.

When you contact Air Traffic Control, you will hear the use of your callsign (and Tail number) when providing instructions for landing and taking off.

 Now that you know how to change the Tail number and the call sign of your flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator you can make these adjustments whenever you want or are necessary for the dynamics of the game.

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