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Hidden Google Chrome Game when the internet falls and we all know.

2019-04-11 22:34:38

You reboot the Internet modem, but Netflix does not load, the movie you saw online was paused and the 22 GB download too. Not much to say, the internet fell.

But Google Chrome has had for us a free video game for these overwhelming moments, all we need or better said, we do not need is the internet.

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Chrome Dino appears when your internet falls, without a doubt one of the worst things that can happen today, but Chrome Dino helps us and makes us distract for a while while solving the problem.

The hidden videogame of Google Chrome is very simple, when the internet falls a lamentable message appears and we can see a pixelated T-Rex dinosaur, with legs mouths and its mouth always open, but it is not only bad news and a pixilated dinosaur , press the space bar and start the Google Chrome video game.

The objective is to jump over the obstacles with the spacebar and to duck under the flying objects with the down key, you can also jump the flying objects by calculating the jump well.

As the game progresses, it becomes faster, sometimes even changing the color of the screen, from white that simulates the day to a dark gray tone simulating the night.

If you touch any of the obstacles the game will be over, but hurry up to start another round and beat your highest record.

The video game as we mentioned is very simple, and at the same time quite entertaining, considering that it is a simple video game that does not require internet, more than just having the Google Chrome browser.