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Find out how to find Boatman Ghost in this excellent and explanatory guide to Genshin Impact.

What to know about the ghost boatman in Genshin Impact?

It is something related to the mythology that represents the passage to the afterlife, considering the inhabitants who disappeared from the island of Tsurumi millennia ago, only that they have not been able to cross, as for this search we depend on the mission through the fog, which puts time limits, and it takes about 4 days of real life to complete it, now looking to know how to find Boatman Ghost, let's see the content that is offered below.

How to find Boatman Ghost in Genshin Impact?

To the southeast of Shirikoro peak we have to find the ghost ferryman in Genshin Impact, what we will do is that from the teleportation point plan to the circular ruin, from the world map we can see it, considering that on How to find the ghost boatman we will deal with a being half invisible and floating, when we talk to him, he asks us if we want to get on the boat, but he realizes that it is not the time to cross, he will comment on those spirits who do not want to cross, which becomes another search in which We must locate the 9 spirits of the island in order to continue being the following:
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    • Shitoki: you have to locate some shells around the island.
    • Kito and Kina: you have to place them both in 5 different locations, delivering a Sakura flower.
    • Ipe: this one asks us to locate an amulet that he lost on a fishing trip.
    • Nonno: let's play hide-and-seek with this one, we have to find it 5 times.
    • Rero: A grave has to be dug for his wife in the Chirai shrine.
    • Abe: We found it in the ruins under the Chirai shrine near the 6 murals.
    • Chise: it is located in the Atake plains, this one speaks of some storm stones.
    • One: it's about the grandmother that Kito and Kina mention.

    As for How to find Boatman Ghost it is necessary that we roll the names considering that this is based on the writing of Ishine, when we have spoken with the ghosts of the island we obtain the achievement of the illusion of white in Genshin Impact, which allows us to add 5 primogems, it is a reference to the optical illusion, we will realize that the ghosts can be in a loop of the cataclysm of Tsurumi island, when it is destroyed by the thunderbird it promises that it will be destroyed again and again until it is I got to hear the song Ruu, which leads us to have broken the loop to be able to carry out this search.

    We hope that the information detailed here on How to find Boatman Ghost has been useful for your progress in Genshin Impact.

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