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The action in Genshin Impact does not stop, so we are going to explain how to access the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula.

What to know about the Hidden Palace of Guizang in Genshin Impact?

It is one of the most abysmal places that we can have in the game, however there are many rewards that we can find, taking into account the fact that we can not be here when we want, this place is certainly protected by many puzzles, so that to have an idea of how to access the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula we will see the following explanatory content.
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    How to access Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula in Genshin Impact?

    What we must first is to locate the place, for we have to consider that the availability of this is when our adventure range will be 30 in the exploration trip to the domain of the sanguin sky and 35 to explore the domain of the moon, taking into account this a pyro character must at least be in our team to go to the path of the luhua pool, when we arrive at the ruins we will see something written as a clue of the puzzle that we will have to solve, it is a message that tells us about the steps to follow of the immortals must bow before the treasure gate, there are several Pyro pillars here surrounding the magic seal.

    We have to solve this will not be to turn them all on as in other puzzles that we have had to solve, specifically we have to activate 3 of these at the same time, so it is necessary that we know which are these then, the pillars of Pyro We must activate next, being these in front of the stone pillars that are surrounding the area, with which they receive the 3 blows we will be able to light the ring completely, thus achieving that the magic seal is removed and we can access.

     Finally, now that we already know how to access Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula, we can continue to progress on Genshin Impact.

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