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2020-11-03 08:41:26

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Our NBA 2k Mobile guide lets us talk about the codes for November 2020.

What are NBA 2k Mobile November 2020 codes?

Playing basketball has never been more fun being on a mobile phone and having the possibility of having some codes that can be free to gather some even more interesting, specifically these codes allow us to have the possibility of accessing some skill tests and with it count on the best possible enjoyment of this sport of giants.

How to redeem the November 2020 codes at NBA 2k Mobile?

It is necessary to consider that at this precise moment there are no active codes in such a way that we are still waiting, however, redeeming it when they can arrive is easy and is done in this way:
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NBA 2K22 is already a few days old and that is why today we will teach you how to travel fast.

  • We access the main menu.
  • Then we go to the Redeem option that is located below the Save button.
  • Next we enter the code that is active.
  • We proceed to press Redeem and that's it.

Below we bring a list of the codes that you cannot enter and this is because they are already expired, so that if someone has recommended entering them it is only to waste your time because they will not be of any use and are the following :

  • VINSANITY: for Amethyst Vince Carter
  • CURRYFAM: for Ruby Stephen Curry
  • RUBYJOKER: for Ruby Nikola Jokic
  • ADFIRSTCHIP: for Onyx Anthony Davis
  • MAMBAFOREVER: for Onyx Kobe Bryant
  • HOODIEMELO: to qualify for a hooded sweater for MyPlayer and Sapphire Carmelo Anthony
  • ZIONDEBUT: for the Zion Williamson Sapphire

Now that you know everything about the November 2020 codes, it is time to be attentive to social networks since there are no assets in NBA 2K Mobile to date.

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