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Fallout 76: How to level up, Tips and tricks guide

2019-05-22 19:51:39

In Fallout 76, at the beginning of the game it turns out that there is a very reduced disposition in weapons and armors. However, that problem can be solved as the level is raised, since at a higher level a better team can be obtained. In this sense, what is most likely to be desired is to raise the level as quickly as possible. In xboxplay.games we'll leave you a series of tips and recommendations to upload your snowball in Fallout 76.

How to raise the level in Fallout 76 quickly

In Fallout 76 there are a few ways to get XP in considerable quantities. These, in their majority, go from killing enormous in great waves until completing certain event. However, there are some tips that can be followed given that they can result in great benefits.

In the following sections the recommendations will be indicated, made considering several methods with which it is possible to obtain XP in simpler ways and that have turned out to be useful.

Avoid missions when necessary

It's true that at the beginning the missions can be considered as an easy way to raise your level in Fallout 76, in certain points it'll be other alternatives that will generate a greater benefit in a faster way. This means that you should not hesitate to abandon the main search if the goal is to get XP to raise the level quickly.

Fallout 76 - BEST Places To LEVEL FAST For BEGINNERS & MID Level Players (Fallout 76 Leveling Guide)

Kill harder enemies to get the best XP

Different types of enemies can also generate different variants in XP. Each enemy in Fallout 76 has different ranks that make them stronger, but at the same time produce a different amount of XP to hold once they are finished. This means that the harder the enemies are, the higher the XP will be. For example, enemies like the basic Scorched ones produce 13XP unlike Scorched Wanderer type enemies, which produce 28XP or Scorched Conqueror can produce 224XP.

To be successful with this alternative, what you need to do is locate the enemies that have high ragos and with this you'll get XP in considerable amounts. Generally, while you're heading further east, the greater the range of enemies you'll get. In this sense areas such as Toxic Valley or Savage Divide are recommended to find them.

Another thing that should be considered in this alternative is that it isn't necessary to take the last blow with which enemy dies to get the XP, so sometimes it can be good only to shoot an enemy and direct it towards an army camp or town since there the turrets or other creatures finish it for you.

Certain events may be better than others (here some are mentioned)

First of all, it must be considered that the events appear in a random way, so if you're interested in doing them, it's important to continuously monitor the map. Also, certain events in particular turn out to have multiple activities, so it's often good to team up with other players
The events that should receive the most attention are those that are based on ending huge waves of enemies. Among these events can be considered 'Guided meditation in the winding road palace' or 'A violent night to the children of Dane Compound'. On the other hand, removing the previous two, "One Violent Night" turns out to be the best option since it allows to choose the amount of time desired for the enemy to make their appearance before the Wendigo finally appears, which you must kill to comply with the event.

Defending your workshops increases your XP

After a place to work is claimed, it's possible that an event will occur in which they will attack enemies by waves whose objective is to destroy everything you have already built. But these events do not turn out to be negative (unless they end up with you), since they turn out to be a very good way to reach the farm levels since they are capable of producing approximately 224XP with each defense that is successful. As if that were not enough, you also earn separately all XP you get for each enemy that you're finishing.

Get Leader bobbleheads produces XP

In Fallout 76, the Leader bobbleheads turns out to be an ideal consumable to increase the XP you can get. This adds an increase equal to 5% in everything you earn. In addition, its effect lasts 1 hour or so. The recommended use for the Leader bobbleheads is just before carrying out an event.

On the other hand, the Leader bobbleheads can be obtained with great ease by unlocking the Percepti-bobble Perk card and equipping it in your special menu. After doing this, you'll be able to hear directional audio whenever a Leader bobbleheads is nearby. This noise will direct you to him, you only have to follow it and finally collect the consumable.

Using Inspirational Perk Card greatly increases XP

Working as a team can produce many benefits if you do the right thing. When you're in level 2 you can unlock the Inspiring Inspiration Chart. With this load you can get 5% of the XP each time you play as a team. In addition, it's also possible to use this letter three times and with that you get 15% in total.

If it's in your plans to make a partnership with other players to perform certain events or go to areas of enemies, it's recommended that you equip this card much earlier to get an increase in your XP.

Choose the right cards

According to the construction that is being built, will influence the types of cards that are going to want to unblock, so it's important to be careful with the cards that will be used since some may be beneficial and others not so much.

Among the cards that should be considered to be avoided are Goat Legs and Thru-hiker. The Goat Legs card, while reducing damage from falls, is unnecessary if you've a power armor in your possession. On the other hand, the Thru-hiker card makes the food you weigh less, which may also be unnecessary since the food remains in your inventory for a short time, either because it's damaged or eaten.

There are cards that are useful regardless of the type of character you use. With the Hard Bargain card, it gives a given benefit that reduces considerably the prices that the providers give. Strong Back is a card that gives you a skill with which you can load +40 in weight. The Travel Agent allows you to travel faster and cheaper.

Based on this, you should try to unlock and get a mix of cards that turn out to be as practical as possible for you.

This is the information that for now we leave you in xboxplay.games so that raising your level is much easier and you get it with the fastest forms. Remember that working as a team can also get XP in considerable amounts, so share this article with your friends.

Do not forget to return and leave the comments with your experiences in the game, doubts or any other detail you wish to add to help this community.
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