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Dead Cells Bad Seed: How to Beat Mama Tick

2020-02-13 10:52:46

Beating opponents is always an important challenge and in Dead Cells Bad Seed there is no difference, let's see How to beat Mama Tick

Why is it necessary to beat Mama Tick in Dead Cells Bad Seed?

Dead Cell brings to us a DLC that allows us to get two biomes and a fight in relation to the difficulty, it may become a bit complicated but here we will explain exactly how to beat this adversary in this game, it is necessary to be able to beat him to advance our progress through this interesting universe, where tactics and brutality are present and allow us to get some constant damage to the boss.

How to beat Mama Tick in Dead Cells Bad Seed?

Mama Tick is among the biomes and here it is necessary to make use of some tactics mixed with brutality, the turrets and crossbows are two weapons that could have been phenomenal before, in addition the ice arc had been feasible at the time of freezing our goal and to harm him, now it is evident, because bleeding and burning are two important elements that here tend to work perfectly well.

How to fight Mama Tick in Dead Cells Bad Seed?

Inflicting damage to the eyeball of our target is undoubtedly synonymous with struggle, so ground attacks are usually the right ones, and these can be easily visualized as yellow exclamation marks on our screen, only here it is where it is necessary to flee from this area in order to avoid taking damage. The true form of our goal is usually visible when she has a very deteriorated health, so knowing how to beat Mama Tick can be somewhat complicated, because she tends to behave a little more aggressive, here we must be intelligent and make use of the grenades and the traps, since she wanted to cause us attacks with scythe.

We must always stay alert and be jumping since she can become a bit aggressive and hit us with an attack with her claws causing us a lot of damage, after that the combat happens is to be a little simpler, it's just a matter of having some patience, then we will let the plane of the scythe of our enemy be able to fall and attack, because that is how we managed to defeat her, putting an end to her life.

Now that you know exactly how to beat Mama Tick it is ideal that you do it yourself and prove that it is easier than we thought in Dead Cells Bad Seed.

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Roguelike, metroidvania
Motion Twin, Evil Empire
Motion Twin, Playdigious
Single player

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