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Daniel Hidalgo
2022-01-10 14:32:48

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With this article, we will teach you how to play The Queen and The Sea DLC in Dead Cells, so keep reading if this interests you.

What is The Queen and The Sea DLC in Dead Cells?

This is the third DLC expansion of Dead Cells, which adds two new biomes and a boss, which are part of an alternative path to a different final boss of the Hand of the King or the Giant, so if you want to access all this you will want to know how to play The Queen and The Sea DLC.

How to play The Queen and The Sea DLC in Dead Cells?

The journey for those wondering how to play The Queen and The Sea DLC in Dead Cells begins in Prisoners' Quarters at the beginning of a race. At this point, one of the tentacles will drop a note that you will have to read, so that you know who can know how to get off the island. You must meet them in the sewers, and then advance through the prisoner rooms to the exit of the toxic sewers.

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While you go through the sewers, you will have to look for an NPC, the Fisherman, who is somewhere in the Toxic Sewers. He will tell you that "he will wait for you at the castle" and mentions an old lighthouse keeper named Michel, who lived in Stilt Village. So you will have to go to this place.

Advance through the Walls and the Black Bridge to Stilt Village, where you will find some cabins marked with icons, but your mission is to find the one without a mark, it appears after having spoken with the fisherman.

When you find it, you will have to access it to meet an enemy that you must eliminate, and obtain the new Leghugger pet. When you have the pet, you can check Michel's corpse to find the Crowned Key.

Keep going until you reach the path that leads to High Peak Castle or the Dilapidated Distillery, but you don't have to go to these biomes.

You will have to find a third option, on a lower path and with the crowned key you will have to open the door that will remain open below, so that you can access all the biomes without complications.

With the door open you will have to go to the dock with the fisherman who is in his boat, the fisherman will take you to the infested shipwreck, which connects with the lighthouse and finally to a fight against the Queen.

That's everything you need to know about how to play The Queen and The Sea DLC in Dead Cells, so we hope we have been helpful in getting into this expansion quickly.

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