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2023-03-08 15:21:24

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In this article, we will discuss How to beat Dracula in Dead Cells Return to Castlevania

Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania is an intense action-platformer game that has been highly anticipated since its announcement. One of the most exciting features of the game is the return of Dracula in his final form. He is powerful, and it will take a lot of skill and strategy to beat him. In this blog, we will discuss the strategies and techniques you should use to defeat Dracula in Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania.

In this version of the classic fight, players take on the role of the Belmont family's legendary vampire hunter, Simon Belmont. Armed with the Vampire Killer whip, Simon must brave the spooky halls of Dracula's castle and defeat the resurrected dark lord before he can wreak havoc on the world.

The Dracula Final Form is a two-phase fight. In the first phase, Simon must battle through a series of rooms filled with classic Castlevania enemies, including Medusa Heads, Skeletons, and even powerful bosses like the Creature. These enemies are tougher than ever, and must be defeated in order for Simon to progress.

Reasons to Memorize His Attacks

Dracula is a formidable foe and his attacks can be difficult to dodge. It is important to commit his moves to memory so that you can react quickly and efficiently when facing him. Knowing his patterns will help you anticipate his movements and attacks and provide you with an edge in battle.

Strategies for Defeating Dracula

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  • 1. Attack Without Hesitation: Dracula is a formidable enemy and it is easy to become overwhelmed by his attacks. The best way to beat him is to attack without hesitation and make sure that your attacks are connecting. You have to take a few risks when fighting Dracula and be willing to put yourself in harm’s way in order to defeat him.
  • 2. Use the Weapon You Had Equipped When Entering the Boss Fight: The weapon you had equipped when you entered the fight will be your most powerful weapon. Make sure to use it to its full potential in order to maximize your damage output.
  • 3. Constantly Attack Him Unless He’s Off-Screen: Dracula is a mobile enemy and you must constantly be on the offensive in order to defeat him. If he is off-screen, take a moment to catch your breath and strategize. However, if he is on-screen, don’t stop your assault.
  • 4. Defeat Him Before He Can Perform the Enhanced Version of His Red Bat Wave Attack: The red bat wave attack is one of the most dangerous moves that Dracula has in his arsenal. If you can defeat him before he can perform the enhanced version of this attack, it will give you a major advantage.

Defeating Dracula in Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania is no easy feat, but with the right strategies it is certainly possible. By attacking without hesitation, using the weapon you had equipped when entering the fight, constantly attacking him, and defeating him before he can perform the enhanced version of his red bat wave attack, you will increase your chances of success. Good luck on your battle against Dracula!

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