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Pokémon Home: How to Use Pokémon Home

2020-02-13 08:52:45

Today we make for you a Pokémon Home guide placing us an important objective and is to explain everything about How to use Pokémon Home

  The 21st century has brought with it some interesting changes and it is evident after the outputs of Pokémon Home because we have been quite surprised and it is that we are offered the possibility of playing an edition on the mobile, in 3DS or Switch, Nintendo standing out with a system of storage quite good, which means that all coaches have the possibility of entering a more striking system so here we will explain exactly how to use Pokémon Home

Exactly, how do I get to Pokémon Home?

Before knowing how to use Pokémon Home it is necessary to take into account how to get there, and it is necessary for us to load Nintendo eShop on our Switch, where `we can observe the application, since this is simply an application that is separated in the devices , obviously there is one for iPhone and another for Android, the Pokemon Bank application that is in eShop is the usable for 3DS, because there is no specific one for this device yet.

How to use Pokémon Home?

The first thing here is to have the applications with us, when we have them we can see that the application is locked, so it is necessary to exchange in our Smatphone for this it is necessary to go to the left tab and then we go to the screen where we will see the Pokemon that have been exchanged more recently. The place where we place them is called Wonder Trade, when we choose one, it will simply disappear definitively so that we can receive some that they have chosen, but these exchanges not only occur here, because in the GTS it is only necessary to place something and effectively the other trainers will send us some creature for it, it is here that it is necessary to jump with some to get more exchanges and this is only done in Room Trade.

Basically, using the exchanges in Pokémon Home simply works as a trade, because there we have two real pokemon boxes, and they are immersed in the application, we can observe that when we go to the 2 screens on the right, our task here is to see some statistics, search and sort the creatures, since this allows us to move through our collection in Pokémon Home, in Switch, this application directs us exactly to the main screen and when we place there and start we see that the options are really interesting

In the upper part where we can observe the challenges that are presented to us and these we can visualize them as some points, in addition, there is the menu and all the news related to the topic, at least it is so far seen, because it could bring many more functions with the passage of time, since it is usually quite comfortable, because Pokémon Home, it makes us quite clear that in one way or another we have options with these phenomenal creatures.

  This is simply all you need to know about How to use Pokémon Home, a pretty good application for mobile devices made by Nintendo that allows us to place Pokémon Home as a formidable storage system.

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