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Days Gone: Make Money Fast and easily

2019-05-24 20:04:32

Discover how to earn money quickly and easily in Days Gone.

The issue of money in Days Gone turns out to be important, since with it you can buy items for your bicycle, weapons, among other things. However, getting it isn't as easy as it seems. If you want to know how to make money quickly and easily, continue reading.

In Days Gone the money is known as "Credits" and the first thing you should consider is that each camp has its own credit count independently. So once you head to a new region, and you want to buy any item in that camp, you must earn credits again.

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    These are the methods that can grant you the most credits quickly:

    Complete missions of the camp: Complete the specific tasks of the camp, as these will grant you large amounts of credits. Occasionally, camp leaders can search the radio for a job for you, complete it and earn more Credits.

    These missions are usually relatively short and require you to clear an assault camp. By completing the required, you'll be granted a large amount of credits and will also increase the Trust for that camp.

    Collection of resources for camps: Obtain Credits by gathering resources and bringing them back to camp. These can be, both animals, plants, among other things.

    Collect plants that can be used to create different objects or animal hunting, these items can be delivered by Trust and Credits. Unlock the foraging ability from the skills menu and earn more resources when you collect plants, this way it will give you more credits.

    Returning in rewards: This gives you some Credits in the game. When hunting a Freaker, you'll receive an "ear" object. You can deliver them to the bounties vendors in the camps. This will increase your confidence, granting you credits in exchange.

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