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This time we return with a Days Gone guide, aiming to explain where to turn Freaker Ears.

What to know about Freaker Ears in Days Gone?

By killing zombies or Freaker we will be able to obtain the Freaker Ears, but to take advantage of this, a conversion is required, which leads us to locate a settlement, such as Copeland, knowing this it is important to understand where to convert Freaker Ears with details and for this you just have to consider what comes next, let's see

Where to turn Freaker Ears into Days Gone?

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    Once the motorcycle has been stolen from us at the beginning of the story, we will go to the place for the first time, highlighting that in the Copeland settlement like the others a table marked with an ace icon is presented to turn the Freaker Ears into rewards, in specific we will earn credits, with which we will be able to buy weapons, repair and recover the motorcycle, even the kitchen activities, apart from that we will add to the confidence and even some objects and services will be unlocked, it should be noted about the credits that result be exclusive to each settlement, so what is earned in one settlement cannot be used in a different one, there is also a maximum credit limit per settlement, being 10k.

    Finally, now that we know where to turn Freaker Ears we can move on to Days Gone.

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