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Do you already know what the Hordes of Days Gone are?

Well, they're a group of Freakers, in fact, it's the largest of Days Gone.

They're really big groups seriously, so don't be surprised that it's very complicated to kill them. But we can help make this difficult for you with our guide so you have in mind the best ways to kill these Freakers.

First of all, we recommend you to have the Chicago Chopper gun, purchased at the 5th "Magic Island" Camp in Crater Lake Region in days gone.

Days Gone - How To Kill Hordes (Tips & Tricks)

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Get a Chicago Chopper  for kills the Hordes

The Chicago Chopper is an assault rifle that kills the Hordes in a single bullet, has a good level of power as you can imagine, it also has a very good amount of ammunition thanks to the "Up The Ante" range ability that it allows you to have 275 ammunition which is equivalent if you're very accurate with your shots at 275 essential deaths in days gone.

Spray a full clip on the Horde, when you approach to dodge and build a certain distance, then repeat.

Using explosives is also a very good option, we recommend buying grenades or you can also make handles on the weapon's wheel. A well-placed grenade will draw 20-30 Freakers.

 Buy the saddlebag update for your motorcycle. This will allow you to buy ammunition reserves that will go on the bicycle. This amounts to 200 more bullets or 200 more deaths.

Combine the tactics to make you an infallible

Combine the tactics to make you an infallible anti horta warrior. The Chicago Chopper is perfect for causing the same damage as a shotgun, but with much more shooting speed.

But in the initial game you will not be able to access it. So you'll have to buy another weapon, we recommend a shotgun, which despite being slower in shots, can also kill with one shot and if you combine it with explosives it will be unstoppable again.

Keep in mind that during the day the hordes are sheltered in caves and always return to the same cave.

At night they leave, but they always stay relatively close to their caves. They usually look for feeding areas and bodies of water to drink. Attack them for the day when they are sheltering and if you decide to attack them at night avoid making much noise so that no other member of the horde listen.

You will have to kill all the Freakers of the horde to eradicate the horde, so again we recommend killing them during the day.

The hordes also get stronger with each region. Region 1-2 has small hordes. Region 3 has medium-sized hordes. Region 5-6 has the largest hordes consisting of hundreds of Hordes.
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