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Days Gone although it's a game that is added to the category whose environment is full of zombies, is a game that have been able to add many good aspects without mentioning its great details and how challenging it can be since you need many things to survive. Also, there are many things that you can have fun with, you can even win many prizes, especially trophies. In this guide we will leave you some details about the trophies in Days Gone that you need to know.

Trophies in Days Gone

The post-apocalyptic world in Days Gone offers you the opportunity to win several trophies for various categories such as: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. In total there are 46 trophies offline and, so far, there are none online.

The trophies are distributed in: 1 Platinum, 2 in Gold, 15 in Silver and 28 in Bronze. Among all the trophies, it's considered that the hardest is Burnout Apocalypse

On the other hand, it's also important to know that the trophies are not affected by the difficulty in which you play the game. That is to say that you can get everything right whether you play in easy or the hardest.

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The Trophies in Days Gone are not lost

If you think you can lose a trophy for the sake of following the story, you should not worry about that since there is not a single trophy you can lose.

Although in history there are two "Points of No Return", given that when you reach them temporarily you will be exluded from certain areas, you will still be able to move freely. This is because at the end of the story you'll have access to all regions including their camps, which means that all these parts will be available again to get all the collectibles, jobs in camps, among everything else including to the precious trophies.

Recommendation with Trophies in Days Gone

As you can infer, what we mentioned indicates that you can get everything with just 1 game. This means that you don't need to spend the story in Days Gone again and again to get all this, since you can get them by the time you finish the story.

Since it isn't necessary to take advantage of the story to get everything, it's advisable that you don't worry so much about them and that you take advantage of getting all this after you finish the story. With this you could take much better advantage of the video game.

Go to enjoy more Days Gone, but don't forget to leave us your comments with your experiences, questions or details you want to add. In we want to help in the community of players.

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SIE Bend Studio
Unreal Engine 4
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