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2021-05-19 08:36:38

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Today we make a Days Gone guide in order to tell you How to fix No Sound or Audio

What is the sound or audio error in Days Gone?

This game usually presents us with a bug that tends to be frustrating enough and therefore makes it convenient to know How to fix No Sound or Audio, it can be said that this is nothing new, this because it was seen at the launch of the game, which makes the Players' experience is usually affected considerably, however, it is not necessary to wait long, here we present some solutions that you can apply.
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How to fix No Sound or Audio in Days Gone?

  •  It is necessary to stay with the default exhaust, which allows us to customize the exhaust of the motorcycle, thus not losing sound, and then we proceed to restart the game so that the failure does not appear again.
  • Another option part of the motorcycle with which we get is not being able to hear any noise except for conversations with someone, if this is the case there is simply no solution, at least for now.
  • Having the possibility of restarting the game is a viable option and this does not usually affect the audio-sound issue at all, even playing on the console does not alter anything, in fact it seems to be more favorable to solve the failure.
  • Using headphones may be feasible, in this case it is necessary to remove it and proceed to connect it again.


Now that you know how to fix no sound or audio, it's time to apply the solution that you think is favorable and make Days Gone an interesting experience.

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Unreal Engine 4
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