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It had already become official that Team Sonic Racing allowed players to customize their Karts and that to do so they must unlock the parts, before. Also, this generated a controversy because doubts were already arising about whether there would be microtransactions in the game and how these parts will be unblocked. Fortunately, this has already been clarified, given that the parts for personalization will be unlocked by a few Mod Pods that you acquire for the currency "Credits" in the game. To fine-tune all these details, here at we made this guide to communicate all the points you should know when playing Team Sonic Racing.

Team Sonic Racing - Mod Pods

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    Customize Karts in Team Sonic Racing

    In Team Sonic Racing players are allowed to customize their Karts. But to achieve this, they only need to unlock the parts, first. This will be achieved by getting some Mod Pods, which are some items in the game that provide an update in random form, once they open.

    How to get Mod Pods in Team Sonic Racing

    The Mod Pods in Team Sonic Racing are like the "loot boxes" that, when opened, give you an article as an update in a random way.

    The Mod Pods are acquired with the Credits that you win in the game. To get a Mod Pods you'll have to spend up to 10 Credits and you do it by accessing "Mod Pods" in the main menu where you can choose from hundreds of them.

    Earn credits in Team Sonic Racing

     The Credits are necessary to open the Mod Pods. However, getting them is quite easy, since you only have to play in Campaign mode. In this mode, Credits are awarded based on your performance in each event. You can see your Credits on the screen, specifically its upper right corner.
    Deriva Events are especially recommended for getting Credits, because they turn out to be shorter than other types of events.

    A VERY IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW is that you can not acquire Credits using real money. This means that if you want to get many Mod Pods, you must have a very good performance in the events to earn enough Credits.

    You can not open many Mod Pods at once

    Reviewing Mod Pods can be annoying, since it takes several seconds to open. This turns out to be even more annoying when you want to open several because you'll have to take much longer and most frustrating of all is that the Mod Pods can only be opened one by one. This means that only when you want to open several, you just have to sit and wait while you get them.

    Now you know the details that for now we have in for Mod Pods and Credits in Team Sonic Racing. However, we will be on the lookout for new Team Sonic Racing guides, and you can also check the ones that are already available. Do not forget to leave us your comments telling your experiences in the game, doubts or any detail you want to add to help the community.

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