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Mortal Kombat 11: How To Get Soul Fragments

Discover how to get Soul Fragments in Mortal Kombat 11
2019-05-24 21:39:48

Mortal Kombat 11: How To Open Fire Chests

In Mortal Kombat 11, the fight video game produced by NetherRealm Studios there are Fire Chests, which contain new skins, increases and movements for characters.
2019-05-24 21:25:49

The Sims 4 cheats: How to get More money, items and others

Recently also, has been in the mouth of many the tricks of the Sims 4 which you can take to make your social life in the game much easier.
2019-05-24 20:30:43

Days Gone: Make Money Fast and easily

Discover how to earn money quickly and easily in Days Gone.
2019-05-24 20:04:32

World War Z Best Weapons: Guns and Heavy Weapons

In a world infested by zombies such as World War Z, it is no surprise to find weapons in diverse quantities, categorized by levels.
2019-05-24 19:45:40

Dauntless: How to Farm Orbs easy and Quickly

Taking into account the important role that the Orbs have in the Dauntless creation system. So you will surely want to know how to grow orbs in Dauntless.
2019-05-24 19:43:52

Days Gone: Unlock Fast Travel

In Days Gone, the open-world survival videogame must have many skills, and one of the advantages you can obtain in this title is the ability to travel fast
2019-05-24 19:32:38

Rage 2 : How to Kill Enemies In One Hit and Double Feltrite

Surely you've wondered many times how to kill enemies in one fell swoop and double feltrite in Rage 2, so do not worry anymore about that.
2019-05-24 19:08:28

Rage 2: How to Find Giant Mutant Bosses

In Rage 2 there are a total of 7 giant mutant bosses hiding in the Wasteland tunnels, a group of 6 giant mutant bosses in the Wasteland open world and there is 1 that is a story related
2019-05-24 18:54:05

Sekiro Guide: find Gourd Seeds and increase your healing

Find out where to find pumpkin seeds and increase your healing in Sekiro.
2019-05-24 18:27:41

Destiny 2 Eververse: How to Get all Rewards

ungie, the developer of Destiny 2 has been carrying out several changes in both the Eververse store and the Bright Engram system in order to give better rewards to players
2019-05-24 18:14:06

Days Gone: How to Get Fuel

In the vast open world of Days Gone, Deacon's motorcycle is very necessary for many reasons
2019-05-24 17:59:10

Fortnite: How to enable cross platform matches on PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC

Fortnite has the peculiarity that games can be made in multiplatform, which is very good if you really have the desire to carry out a Battle Royale with friends who use other settings for the game. 
2019-05-24 16:40:03

Days Gone: How to Upgrade Bike Performance

In Days Gone, for Deacon, the motorcycle is the main one, we present the types of updates that can apply and how to equip such updates or improvements.
2019-05-24 16:37:29

Fortnite: How to earn XP and get rewards fast - Tips for level up

Whether you are starting in Fortnite or you have already taken time, effort and money invested in it, you will surely want to get many XP and good statistics for battles
2019-05-24 15:57:13

Battlefield 5 : how to get Boys AT Rifle from Tides of War Chapter 3

Boys At Rifle is the name of the new sniper rifle from Chapter 3 of Tides of War in Battlefield 5. Boys At Rifle is a pretty powerful rifle over the entire vehicle.
2019-05-24 14:53:03

Heaven’s Vault: How to play tips and Tricks

Heaven's Vault is a video game of archeological science fiction adventures developed and released on April 16 of this year by Inkle.
2019-05-24 14:35:56

Warframe Wisp: how to unlock It and defeat Ropalolyst

Many are talking about the new Wisp Warframe and how to unlock it, but surely many do not even know what Warframe Wisp is.
2019-05-24 14:28:01

FIFA 19 How to move the goalkeeper - all you need to know

Being able to move the goalkeeper manually is the difference between allowing an advantage for the opposing team or defeating it during the game in FIFA 19.
2019-05-24 14:19:44

Division 2 Where to find the backpack trophies

Discover where to find the backpack trophies in Division 2.
2019-05-24 14:10:38

Fallout 76: How to Find Arktos Pharma

Discover how to find Arktos Pharma in Fallout 76.
2019-05-24 13:45:43

Fortnite: How to find Jonesy

Fortnite is driving his fans crazy with Jonesy's search. If you want to know where Jonesy is hiding, keep reading.
2019-05-23 23:23:01

Dauntless: How To Craft Lanterns with The Shrike & Skarn

Discover how to make flashlights with The Shrike & Skarn in Dauntless.
2019-05-23 23:13:42

Dauntless: How pet a Dog on PC, Xbox One, & PS4

Discover what are the techniques to caress a dog on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 consoles in Dauntless.
2019-05-23 22:51:40

Fortnite All Fortbyte Challenges and Rewards

In season 9 of Fortnite there are 18 total Fortbytes. These are distributed around the Battle Royale map and recently the company Epic Games
2019-05-23 20:53:14

Overwatch Workshop codes to play with your friends?

In Overwatch Workshop you can make creations and modifications which you can buy with your friends using the so-called "Overwatch Workshop Codes".
2019-05-23 19:44:41

MORDHAU Guide: set up Defense for Builders

In the medieval battles organized in Mordhau is to be able to raise a few defenses beunas is something quite relevant.
2019-05-23 19:35:01

Kenshi Walkthrough: The Sneaky Thief

If you do not mind becoming a sneaky thief from time to time in the role-playing game Kenshi then you are in the right place.
2019-05-23 19:11:05

Fortnite Burst SMG Stats - all details

The new update 9.10 for Fortnite Season 9 has brought many new things, or that is what has leaked.
2019-05-23 18:55:09

The Madden 20: How to play before the release

The Madden 20: trial period has already passed and developers have announced that Madden 20 will be available in EA Access and Origin Access.
2019-05-23 18:27:13