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Team Sonic Racing: Microtransactions - All you need to know

Team Sonic Racing: certain questions arose as to whether microtransactions would have to be expected
2019-05-21 19:38:54

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Tips to Win in Advanced Golfing Minigame

We know that it is difficult to win, and also complicated to get a solution or help that contributes to win the Advanced Golf Minigame of Yakuza Kiwami 2.
2019-05-21 19:35:03

Team Sonic Racing Guide: How to Unlock More Characters

how to unlock characters in Team Sonic Racing.  Team Sonic Racing, the racing video game developed by Sumo Digital for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms
2019-05-21 19:25:05

Dauntless Guide: Controls for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Dauntless is the title of the new MMO / RPG video game which was released today May 21 in its beta version available for free.
2019-05-21 15:06:29

AC Odyssey Atlantis : How To Find Atlantis Symbol In Agamemnon’s Tomb

Discover how to find the symbol of Atlantis in the tomb of Agamemnon in AC Odyssey Atlantis.
2019-05-21 15:02:22

AC Odyssey Atlantis Guide How Take The Horse To Adonis Or Persephone

Discover how to take the horse to Adonis or Persephone in AC Odyssey Atlantis.
2019-05-21 14:56:47

F1 2019 Cars List: Which cars are confirmed?

F1 2019 is a next racing video game based on the Formula One World Championship and is fine-tuning its last details for the premiere on June 28 this year.
2019-05-21 14:53:05

Them & Us Guide Tips and Tricks

You really do not need to kill all the zombies of Them & Us, but about half of what we could realize when doing this guide of tips and tricks, the rest you just need to overcome them and move forward.
2019-05-21 14:49:40

Team Sonic Racing The Best Character

Each of the 15 characters have their own statistics of course, they can influence your performance and gameplay.
2019-05-21 14:33:01

Narcosis Guide: All Collectibles

Narcosis the PC game, comes from an adventure that takes place in the depths of the ocean, capable of exploring the claustrophobic horror genre.
2019-05-21 14:23:47

Fortnite Fortbyte 64: accessible by Rox on top of Stunt Mountain

To collect Fortnite Fortbyte 64, you must land on the top of the mountain and approach the sign that shows the height, 111m high.
2019-05-21 13:41:51

Fortnite Fortbyte 7: Use the The Cuddle Up emoticon inside a rocky umbrella

The last Fortbyte that has come out and is available to unlock is the Fortbyte 7. It can be accessed using the Cuddle Up emoticon inside a rocky umbrella.
2019-05-21 13:28:23

ClassiCube Guide How to Import & Export Maps and Texture packs

Discover how to import and export maps and texture packages in ClassiCube.
2019-05-20 23:14:36

Days Gone Guide: How to Bring Drugs Stash To Copeland or Tucker

In Days Gone there is the Drugs Stash, this leads to Tucker or Copeland. You decide which of the parties to deliver the drug stash
2019-05-20 22:41:58

Days Gone Guide: How To Shoot On Your Bike

Days Gone, a video game of terror, adventure and survival that recently launched its success. One of the things that allows you to have this address is the ability to shoot while traveling on your bike
2019-05-20 20:40:08

Red Dead Redemption 2: How to make money easy and fast

Red Dead Redemption 2, in its main story, at the beginning you have a great difficulty: get money.
2019-05-20 20:10:36

Read Dead Online: How to find Red Sage

The first thing you should do is go to New Austin. You can also go Tumbleweed, as it is close to Red Sage. To give you the ease of getting the Red Sage you can go to 2 places on the map.
2019-05-20 20:05:44

Rage 2:How to find the 30 Spy Drone - All Locations

Rage 2 puts users looking for 30 Spy Drone locations for the Mata Hari Manners trophy or achievement.
2019-05-20 19:46:44

Red Dead Online Guide: Unlock The Bank Heist Mission

Red Dead Online surprises all its fans by presenting a new mission that is to dock a bank. However, this mission can be a little complicated if you do not know how to access it
2019-05-20 18:57:33

Red Dead Online Guide: How to Start New Missions

The beta phase of Red Dead Online is a thing of the past after the last massive update of Red Dead Redemption 2
2019-05-20 18:53:07

Red Dead Online Guide: How To Find Daily Challenges

The recent update of Red Dead Online is being explosive, as it brought with it new daily challenges.
2019-05-20 18:21:14

Rage 2 Guide: How To Find Autoparts

Rage 2 besides being an exciting first person shooter videogame that has managed to pleasantly surprise the fans of this genre, it offers a great selection of vehicles
2019-05-20 18:00:55

How to Get Glaceon in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO came the update that the players had more time waiting for, which finally adds the possibility of getting Glaceon and Leafeon, luckily getting them does not involve a huge effort.
2019-05-20 17:48:27

Mordhau Guide: Configuring Controls, Keybinds & Graphics

Here shows a series of indications regarding how to configure the Controls, Key Links or Keybinds and Graphics for Mordhau.
2019-05-20 17:45:49

Team Sonic Racing Trick: How to get a boost at the start line

Team Sonic Racing: The Boost at the start of the race in the Karts games is a special impulse that seeks to have a certain advantage over the opponents when the race starts
2019-05-20 16:14:12

How to Get Leafeon in Pokemon GO

If you are one of the players that wants to get to Leafeon, you will have to fix your eyes on the Mossy Lure Module which you can get by buying it in the Pokemon GO store.
2019-05-20 15:56:49

The Division 2 Raid How to Beat on PS4 and Xbox One

The raid The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours has generated many complaints from players on PS4 and Xbox One because it has been difficult enough to beat the adventure
2019-05-20 15:31:13

Pokemon GO: Get Magnezone we teach you how to do it

new Pokémon Gen 4 were added in addition to the new evolutions that we had not been able to achieve previously, such as the Pokémon Magnezone electric
2019-05-20 15:15:20

Undead Horde: How to achieve all the achievements

If what you are looking for is to become a necromancer of Undead Horde and if you also want to resurrect the dead then you are in the correct Undead Horde guide.
2019-05-20 15:04:45

The Division 2 Raid The fastest way to beat on PC

Division 2: The fans of The Division 2 assure that they can not play the new raid Operation Dark Hours
2019-05-20 14:50:35