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2021-05-04 11:03:23

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The activities in New Pokemon Snap are becoming more and more interesting, which allows us to tell you How to complete art in flight.

What is the goal of completing art of flight in New Pokémon Snap?

  This game allows us to have the possibility of taking a considerable amount of photos, in this sense, it is necessary to complete the art of flight precisely to deliver the best captures as possible, because there comes a time when we are allowed to take a photo to a flock of Swanna in flight and this makes it necessary to carry out this activity as perfect as possible.

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How to complete art in flight in New Pokemon Snap?

To carry out this activity it is necessary to meet in the Florio Natural Park, but we must wait a little until we reach at least half of it, it is also necessary that it be at night, because with this we will see the Swanna flying through the air with orbs of natural light illumination, before landing they will fly at least three times, but that is not the objective, our job consists of being attentive to who usually lands where the others are asleep by the lake.

It is necessary to understand that exactly where they sleep is the sleeping Troterra and it is necessary to take charge of playing a melody in order to activate it, it is also vital to focus the camera towards it because when waking up it will incite others to take flight, it is perfect time To take a picture when everyone is on top of the water starting to take off, it is necessary to be attentive to the events, every second here is crucial, because with this we get a 4-star photograph ideal to complete the application, feet with it in our hands is time to go to Professor Mirror and give it to him, in addition it is also necessary to send it to the requests tab of the research camp.

 Definitely, knowing How to complete art in flight allows us to embark on an interesting search in New Pokemon Snap, give it a try.

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