Daniel Hidalgo
2021-05-05 09:08:02

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We keep venturing into the New Pokemon Snap request, but this time we'll tell you how to fix the requests not working.

What is the problem with New Pokemon Snap requests?

This is a bug that makes LenTalk requests not mark the task as a completed goal and considering how important requests are in the game, you need to know how to fix requests not working.

How to fix requests not working in New Pokemon Snap?

The first thing we recommend you do is make sure that the focus of the image is on the Pokémon of the task, remember that in case of finding problems to focus you can use your camera in burst mode.

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If the game does not mark the request as completed, you may have submitted the image earlier, having the system process it for evaluation as a step before getting the task, the correct thing is to send the image that has a similar number of stars or higher than the initial photo to complete the task.

Once the photo is captured, you will have to send it to Professor Mirror to be qualified and to be able to complete the application.

Once the task is completed you will have to access the LenTalk menu and send the photo, because if you do it before, the task will not be completed.

We hope that after reading this article on how to fix requests not working in New Pokémon Snap, you can understand the process well enough to correct the requests problem as soon as possible.

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