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2021-05-04 10:58:47

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We continue the tour of New Pokemon Snap which allows us to tell you how to complete Head-to-Head Competition.

What is head-to-head competition at New Pokemon Snap?

  These is simply one of the tasks with which we get in this game, since it is necessary to take care of getting some photos of Bouffalant fighting, as this task is usually carried out through a LenTalk request that says I have seen some Bouffalant start fighting suddenly !, and it usually occurs in the area of the "Parque Natural de Florio".
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How to complete Head-to-Head Competition in New Pokemon Snap?

This task leads us to:


  •  Mobilize ourselves to the daytime zone of the "Florio National Park", this can be done in any investigation.
  • On the other hand, it is necessary to have the right tool that allows us to play a melody, this is usually done from our car for which it is only necessary to press the bumper.
  • When starting the first level it is necessary to start playing the melody as soon as we get close to the Bouffalant.
  • We will see that the song tends to enrage them which makes one can charge against another which leads to ramming their heads, in addition we are allowed to have the possibility of throwing an orb of illumination to one of the Bouffalants who may be further away so that this can attack you.
  • It is ideal to take a capture of the Bouffalants when they tend to attack their heads, in such a way that we must locate an angle that may be perfect, to the point that we are allowed to receive the respective indication, you have nailed the moment in that!
  • Once we achieve the objective, we will leave the area in order to deliver the respective photos to the teacher, it is necessary to deliver the correct one, which in this case may be the attack of two heads and thus get the notification "Application completed".

 This is all we know about how to complete Head-to-Head Competition, in such a way that it allows us to get a task completed in New Pokemon Snap.

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April 30, 2021
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