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Today we bring a Myth of Empires guide where we will explain how to set up dedicated servers.

Why configure dedicated servers in Myth of Empires?

It is necessary to take into account that we are allowed to create dedicated servers in order to play with finding trolls problems, the idea is to make the necessary configuration to be able to launch it without any difficulty.

How to set up dedicated servers in Myth of Empires?

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  • We must take care of going to / PrivateServerTool and starting PrivateServerTool.exe
  • Next, we will have to configure the settings as we wish and set the port to 4 digits in order to ensure that we do not experience the Steam error "IE 5888 and 5889".
  • It is important to save the configuration and note the "ini" file for later.
  • Then we click on "Start Server" in order to create a ".bat" file that allows us to launch the server.
  • We must take care of making use of this file to launch the server, but we must turn it off using "CRT" in the server window.
  • Then we must go to the "ini" file and copy the data inside, and then go to "/ WindowsPrivateServer / MOE / Saved / Config / WindowsServer".
  • We proceed to paste the configuration that we have copied into the file "GameUserSettings.ini" and start the server.
  • In case of having administrator rights, we are allowed to start in the console by pressing "~".
  • Becoming an administrator is simple, it will only be enough to do it through PserverTool using our Steam64ID.

In this sense, knowing How to set up dedicated servers offers us the possibility of playing and entertaining ourselves in our own way in Myth of Empire.

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