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Today we are going to talk to you about Battlefield 2042, and it is necessary to tell you How to check your scoreboard.

What does it mean to check the marker in Battlefield 2042?

This game offers us a number of interesting tasks and features that undoubtedly make it an interesting title despite the errors, however, knowing How to check your scoreboard offers the possibility of making use of a quality that can make a difference and that in many ways, has not been seen with good eyes.

How to check your scoreboard in Battlefield 2042?

This usually presents a variation according to the system where we are playing.
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    • In the case of PC, you can press the tab button to access the bookmark.
    • In the case of the console, you must press the Options button.

    It is good to bear in mind that here it is allowed to have the rate of kills, assists, sacks, defenses and revives that we have achieved throughout the game; On the left is usually the squad where certain information is usually shown that is usually similar to the individual statistics, only that this applies to the entire team, it is allowed to have the ability to see the captured sectors, the complete score, the deaths that the team has won and sector points.

    It should be noted that some players may not be very happy with this scoreboard because it is somewhat difficult to see the statistics of other individual players, except for those who are usually in the squad where you are playing this is usually related to the 128 player theme. On the other hand, it is good to bear in mind that this negative opinion tends to be practically overwhelming, a good majority of players do not usually agree and consider that the traditional marker is undoubtedly more viable and that they should bring this marker back.

    This is all you need to know about How to check your scoreboard, so that you can draw your own conclusions even though right now this does not usually present any change in Battlefield 2042, we just have to consider playing and waiting for if there is any modification.

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