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Today we bring you a Halo Infinite guide where we will explain how to add friends.

What to know about adding friends in Halo Infinite?

When we are in a game that is multiplatform this can cause confusion, although these are ideal to share with friends who are not on the same platform looking to play together, being the case right now it is ideal that we are aware of How to add friends and with the content of this guide we can help each other, let's see.

How to add friends in Halo Infinite?

Keep in mind that it will depend on the platform on which we are playing Halo Infinite in terms of How to add friends, it is necessary to have the following considerations:
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    • On the Xbox: this happens through the gamertag or the game, we press on our controller to find the people option, we choose to look for someone, and we will add them by their gamertag, something that we can choose to invite them to a game.
    • PC friends on Xbox: it is important when playing on PC our friend must be on Xbox, while the latter is presented with the option to enter with the X in the login part, either in their own gamertag choosing to look for players, now being accepted is that we can add him to our game or join his.
    • Xbox friends on PC: the Xbox console companion application is required, it must be installed on the PC, then we open the companion that has the Xbox console to locate its gamertag, we reach the option of friends and clubs, we give Again in the search option to choose our friend to add, the notification will be sent to him.
    • In Discord and Steam: what we will do is press Tab to access the social menu, pressing G or add friends we choose either of the two options, for Steam we have a window with the friends that we can add, while in discord we will go to the friend or server to send the invitation, sending them through the one who is presented to those who have the game.

    In this way we finalize our Halo Infinite guide, now you know how to add friends, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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