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Halo Infinite is close to being released and this makes it necessary to explain how to silence players.

Why mute players in Halo Infinite?

This game offers us the opportunity to silence them and that is fantastic, in this sense, it is good to consider doing it to ensure that the games can take place in a somewhat calmer way, sometimes the noises that may be in the background may not be favorable, so it is necessary to know how to silence the players, so we avoid having to worry about the issue of energy, the voice chay and many other characteristics that are usually typical of this game but that somehow may not be very favorable.

How to mute players in Halo Infinite?

  It is good to avoid voice chat and in this case we can take care of silencing everyone before starting the game, in this case we must:
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    • Go to the configuration menu.
    • Then go to the Audio tab.
    • Locate Communications where we will see the voice options.
    • We must open the drop-down menu and click on Disable to silence everyone from the start.


     In case of being interested in listening to a little voice, we only have to be in charge of silencing some people and this must be done manually, in this case we must:


     In the case of PC.

    •  Make use of the Esc key and then press the Tab key.
    • Choose to choose who we want to silence and that's it.


     In the case of Xbox.

    •  We select the start button and press the View button.
    • Then we will choose who we are interested in silencing and select Silence.


     The player that we have silenced will remain in this way until we remove the silence ourselves or in the defect of it until the game ends.

     This is all you need to know about How to silence players, so that you can apply this action as many times as you consider necessary in Halo Infinite and thus play with the due tranquility that you require.

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