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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak offers us another quest, let's see How to find Fire Dragon Hardclaw.

What is the fire dragon Hardclaw in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

This is nothing more than a material that is usually necessary, and we managed to get it from Teostra, so it is necessary to embark on a search to find out how to find Fire Dragon Hardclaw, considering that this is part of the resources and materials with which we have and to whom there is the possibility of getting the most out of it as possible.

How to find tFire Dragon Hardclaw in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

Obtaining this resource leads us to embark on a fight against Teostra and defeat him, this is an elder dragon, but obtaining it is not an easy task, this means that we must take care of raising the level of our rank.
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Another thing that we must take into account when obtaining this resource is that it is not possible to capture this elder dragon to obtain the material.

Obtaining this resource can occur in three different ways, and they are:

Break Teostra's Wave Claws: Each wing claw offers an 18 percent chance of getting Fire Dragon's Hard Claw, as Teotra usually has two wing claws, the chances of getting the material are increased to 36 percent hundred.

Completing the hunt against Teostra: allows us to get Target Reward, and this opens up around a 20 percent chance of getting the material.

Carve Teostra's body: it is the last option to get this material, it offers us about a 14 percent chance.

Once we have obtained this resource, it is necessary to take it to Elgado Outpost where we can use it to improve our weapons, such is the case of:

  • Fire and Ice weapons require 2 Fire Dragon Claws.
  • Araknasmasher requires 3 Fire Dragon Claws.
  • Twin Wyvern Breams requires 2 Fire Dragon Claws.

It is necessary to take into account that this resource is usually used to make equipment and armor, such is the case of:

  • The Kaiser X Crown requires 1 Fire Dragon Claw.
  • Kaiser X's Greaves requires 1 Fire Dragon Claw.
  • Kaiser X Mala requires 1 Fire Dragon Claw.

We can conclude this guide on How to find Fire Dragon Hardclaw, so it is necessary to embark on the search for this resource in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

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