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2023-01-25 15:14:06

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This article will cover the tips and tricks you need to know How to beat Rathalos in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where to find Rathalos?

In Monster Hunter Rise, Rathalos can be found in various locations depending on the time of day. During the day, you can find him roaming around the Kamura Village, as well as near the Mushroom Market. At night, he will often be found flying around the Volcano Region. He can also be found on the Trade Requests Board in the Argosy Missions.

How to beat Rathalos in Monster Hunter Rise?

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When facing Rathalos in battle, the best strategy is to take him on with ranged weapons. As a flying monster, he is often difficult to reach with melee weapons, so you should try to focus your attacks from a distance. To increase your chances of success, try to position yourself above Rathalos - most of his attacks are designed for targets on the ground.

Crafting Materials

As with any monster, defeating Rathalos will reward you with crafting materials. These can be used to craft powerful weapons, armor, and other items. By completing special Trade Requests from the Argosy missions, you can even get bonus items. Additionally, you may find some special items in the form of Butterfly Beetles in Monster Hunter Rise.

Taking on Rathalos can be a challenge, but with the right strategies and a lot of patience, you can make it through. Knowing where and when to find him, as well as which weapons and tactics to use, will increase your chances of success. With enough practice and the right equipment, you'll soon be able to take on the mighty Rathalos and claim victory!

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