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2022-07-07 07:52:44

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Today we bring a Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak guide where we will explain how to Remove the Switch Skill Hover Text.

What is the switch ability text in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

  It is necessary to take into account that having incorporated new skills is undoubtedly fabulous, however, sometimes it can be annoying and it is that it is shown to us on the screen which generates a kind of interference, we understand that perhaps this should allow us to work with comfort because it explains us, especially taking into account that there are new enemies, a new gameplay, but sometimes these messages on the screen can be annoying and in this case we must eliminate them, to give you more details about it, we have made this guide.

How to Remove the Switch Skill Hover Text in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

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  • We must start the game and go to the System section of the main menu, then go to the System section and proceed to select Options.
  • Next, we select the Game Settings tab and navigate to select the HUD Settings option.
  • Once we manage to open the section, we will see a list of options to customize and we must check the option Change skill information.
  • We can get the option at the bottom of the configuration list, by unchecking the floating text for Switch skills it is disabled.


 It should be noted that the change skills are usually unique actions that are used for different weapons, in this case, for each action that we manage to learn, we can use the weapons, so that there is the possibility of using these skills for different strategies, such is the case of changing, changing and discovering new combinations for skills.

 Now that you know How to Remove the Switch Skill Hover Text you can embark on this task and thus avoid interruptions that may be unnecessary in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

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